Blackhawk Logistics is capable of providing a very diverse range of contracted services to an individual, business or government department, our capabilities include:

Blackhawk Event Hire

Providing event hire equipment for, short term and long term hire. We are Canberra's premier hire company specialising in quality marquees, chairs, tables, mushroom heaters, cutlery, crockery, port a loos and much more to suit our client needs.

Blackhawk Security 

Providing mobile patrols, crowd control, trespass and incident response, and controlling access to our client facilities.


Providing drivers and vehicle services, We specialize in flatbed and dry van transportation.


Providing warehousing and storage of many types of products and packaging including paper, chemicals, automotive parts, consumer commodities, food and beverage, textiles, hazardous materials and many other products. The Blackhawk team has had specific experience in handling packaging of cartons, pallets, super sacks, drums and many other packaging arrangements.

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